High Island 24L

Offshore Texas, acquired from BlueRock Energy Capital Ltd. and Sterling Exploration LLC in March 2007.

BlueRock Energy Capital Ltd and Tammany are partners in this field with Tammany operating the field through its subsidiary Jefferson Block 24 Oil & Gas LLC. Tammany has taken this shut in field and turned it into a profitable venture for the companies involved. Through the use of 3D seismic multiple targets have been identified in the field. To date Tammany has drilled one well with multiple completions, performed both minor and major work overs, and implemented operational changes to bring the field to its current profitable state. Tammany has a significant inventory of recompletions and plans to drill at least two wells, one to a proven up dip location, and one to an unexploited fault block.

Late 2011 Tammany completed a concentric flow line installation for gas lift implementation, saving considerable investment dollars and minimizing the environmental footprint of the oil and gas operations by eliminating the need to disturb the marine bottom for a new line. This required using techniques seldom used in the offshore and the approval of the Texas Railroad Commission and other regulatory agencies. Tammany is looking for other opportunities to use this technique at High Island 24L as well as other fields we may acquire in the future.


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  • Tammany Oil & Gas Acquires High Island Properties - April 2007 Tammany Oil & Gas LLC (Tammany) announced today that it has acquired an interest in several oil & gas properties in the High Island Area, offshore Texas. The properties are located approximately 20 miles south of Beaumont, Texas and will be operated by Jefferson Block 24 Oil & Gas, LLC, a 100% owned subsidiary (Jefferson). Jefferson's partner in the acquisition is BlueRock Production, LLC of Houston, Texas. read more

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